Drum Cafe Interactive Event

Light up your event with an electric Drum Café show performance.

Drummers, dancers, singers – Drum Café features some of the world’s top performing artists. Whether it is a corporate dinner, entertainment event, or a small social function, Drum Café has a variety of colorful and vibrant performances that will make it come alive and be truly memorable.

Drum Café’s artists are world-class and have performed in the same bill as artists such as Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, and many more.

We have provided entertainment to high profile companies, diplomatic parties and high energy entertainment events, such as live concerts, the Elite Model of the Year competition in Europe and to top celebrities: Nicole Richie, Paris Hilton, Nicole Kidman, and others.

The Drum Café show concept is a unique hands-on application of African drums and percussion that not entertains but energizes and audiences!

You can choose whether you want:

A.  Drum show Group Performance

B.  Drum show Interactive performance – where members of the audience also get drums and become part of the performance

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