Day of Wedding Coordinator

Ever wonder how many tiny details there will be to handle on your wedding day?

A Day of Wedding Coordinator can be your savior in helping to resolve any wedding issues.

Did they arrange all of your favors on the tables the way you envisioned them?

Did they swap out the engagement picture at the entrance with the new one you gave them?

Who is saving the places at the front rows for your family?

Who is going to handle your Plan B execution when it starts to rain, and you haven’t arrived yet?

A Day Of Wedding Coordinator will be there when you are not.  They will have the names and numbers of all the vendors, to make sure they arrive on time.  They will have your timeline on hand, so they can make sure the wedding moves as scheduled.  They will make sure the bar is opened on time. They will make sure everyone from the bridal party is standing in line and on time.  They will make sure all the tables have their numbers.  They will make sure the DJ got your First Dance song you emailed this morning.  They will make sure at the end of the night all of your items are collected and given to you, from your engagement picture to your guest book to your money card box.

The Day of Wedding Coordinator is an essential part to every wedding.  The Day of Wedding Coordinator is the Bride’s right hand.  Where the Wedding Planner helps in planning the wedding, the Day of Wedding Coordinator executes those plans.

A Day of Wedding Coordinator’s job is to be at the wedding from start to finish and make sure everything is as it should be, handles problems as they come along, and ensures you get the wedding of your dreams.

Wedding Coordinator

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