Wedding Planner Check List

Wedding Planning Checklist

You just got engaged. Congratulations! Now what, you ask yourself?

Wedding Planning Checklist can be an essential tool in getting the wedding of your dreams.

You can figure out where to start your wedding planning by following these few simple steps:

1) Hire a Wedding Planner.  Yes, hiring a wedding planner will prove to be your most valuable and indispensable decision to date.

2) Select your Wedding Date. Narrow it down to a few desired dates.  Be sure to check for any work or family conflicts.

3) Decide on your Budget.  Account for the savings you have now, the money from your parents, and then any money you plan to save along the way.

4) Work on your Guest List.  Start with both of your immediate family members, local family and friends, and then work your way out from there.  Out of Town family and friends, Work friends, Boss, Accountant, etc.  And most importantly, remember your budget.

5) Book your Venues.  This part is necessary now rather than later, because you need to know if you’re preferred wedding venue is available on your selected wedding date. Stick to your budget. Pick a Ceremony Venue. Pick a Reception Venue.

6) Send out your Save The Date.  Be creative, and show off your personalities.  Set the tone.

7) Select your Theme.  Select your Color Scheme.  All future decisions from hereforth will require this step to be decided beforehand.

8) Decide on your Bridal Party, including your Maid of Honor and Best Man.  They will be a big help throughout your wedding planning process.

You both work, or maybe you live out of the city where you plan to marry.   The time you will need to dedicate to the upcoming wedding planning obligations will consume you.  The ability to make decisions on the fly, the negotiating, the connections to all the best local vendors, will be just a few of the wedding planning concerns you will not have to worry about when you hire a wedding planner.  Let a wedding planner handle all of the hard decisions.  With their time, location and professional expertise, your Wedding Planner will allow you to sit back, worry-free, and enjoy the ultimate wedding of your dreams.